What is Red and Blue?

In the field of games, Punk.Network has also reached a strategic cooperation with CMGE(00302.HK). Its flagship trading card game ‘Red and Blue’ will authorize Punk.Network to issue and sell assets exclusively.

Red and Blue is ‘Brilliant Games’ ultimate pursuit of traditional strategy card games.

The game focuses on the construction of the two most important contents: the infinite happiness brought by the construction of free decks; and the strategic card duel between players. When the game is released, it will contain more than 750 cards to collect, which also greatly enhances the creativity of the “Red and Blue” deck. The huge card pool also provides space for a variety of tactics.

1. Game project introduction

The world of ‘Red and Blue’, this is a high magical fantasy overhead world, the broken continent becomes a piece of scorched earth after experiencing the “Great Destruction”.

The magic was lost and the city of Babel became the only remaining civilized city, gathering creatures of different races, and the disorder of the magic source caused dimensional cracks in the city, which brought countless unknowns.

You will have magical talent in the game, take your wisdom and the cards in your hand to go to the dimensional crack. In this complex endless maze, you will encounter the obstruction of monsters, the persecution of competitors and the betrayal of your companions. Use cards and wisdom to defeat all your opponents and win!

The Features of Red and Blue

Three areas, four elements-break through the opponent’s defense and defeat the enemy’s strategy to win the battle.

It sounds like quite easy, are you ready to meet the strongest opponent?

Cards and decks

The huge card library and card pool provide you with unlimited possibilities. Choose from a card pool containing more than 750 cards, freely build your deck. To crush your opponents or to adopt clever strategies to deal with your opponents, the choice is completely in your hands.

Area and Element

Red and Blue added a newly designed “area system” and combined with the four major elements in the game. You will choose three of the four elements (fire, water, wind, earth) and assign them to your three areas. By upgrading the areas, you can not only put more troops on the battlefield, but also get these areas’ unique abilities.

Traps and artifacts

Traps and artifacts are two combat mechanisms added to “Red and Blue”.

Through the artifact, players can directly get powerful bonus rewards, and through traps, you can just wait and your prey will come to you.

Battle and Growth

Experience the fast-paced action brought by ‘Red and Blue’, you can easily feel a lot of settings from classic TCG games. But even novice players do not need to worry, considerate tutorials, step-by-step missions and novice decks will help you grow quickly, allowing you to feel the joy of mastering game skills as soon as you get started.

Patterns and rules

Experience a variety of different modes and rules in ‘Red and Blue’ and enjoy different fun can give you a deeper understanding of the game. Casual players can play with friends , andcompetitive players can have a higher ranked by matched games. Occasionally, you can also try the classic draft mode to experience the game from a different perspective. The game has prepared various game modes for different players.

Athletics and competitions

Competition and duel are the parts that “Red and Blue” focused on at the beginning of its development.Winning a game depends not only on your understanding of the game, your skills and logic, your judgment and luck, and even a test of mental power, which makes the duel between professional players very enjoyable.

The game has all the potential to become an e-sports event, so you can also look forward to all kinds of competitions after the game is released.

World Setting

Red and Blue is set in a fantasy world dominated by powerful magic and strict order. You will definitely have a colorful experience.

Race in the game

2. Innovative application of blockchain technology

Blockchain and TCG match with each other perfectly

1. MTG’s offline operation ecology is a mature decentralized model

2. Blockchain technology allows the TCG ecosystem to be perfectly reproduced on the Internet

3. Both the value attribute and the use attribute of the asset meet the needs of the Dapp ecology

Asset Mapping Token

1. At the beginning of the game operation, we have a total of 100 million and 750 different digital assets, which are stored on the chain.

2. The TCG game rules determine that the TCG gameplay is a non-random rule.

3. The ownership and transaction of assets on the chain form the basis of the economic cycle of the entire game.

DAO community

1. The amount of assets held by players and the number of tokens held determine the right to speak and vote in the community

2. Th e game ope ra tion adopt s a community governance mechanism. Players initiate and vote to promote better improvement and development of the game.

3.Development and update plan

Development plan in 2019–2020

The following 《Red and Blue》update

Two major update plans, a total of more than 750 new cards for the game update.

Brilliant Games plans to provide a long-term content update plan for Red and Blue to meet the needs of card game players and to ensure the richness and freshness of the game content.

In the first half of 2020 alone, we plan to provide two substantial content updates, adding 500 (first time) and 250 (second time) brand new cards to the game, and continue to provide technical support for the game.

Event support

As a game with battle as its core, 《Red and Blue》 not only sets up a fair battle and rank system in the game, but also regularly organizes various events after the release to promote players’ activity and sense of participation.

Brilliant Games will hold official events on a quarterly basis, and determine the final annual championship on an annual basis. Through different events and mechanisms, players can also get unique rewards and honors, which also determines the e-sports attributes of the game.


A dedicated R&D team

Brilliant Games is a studio formed by a group of enthusiastic card game fans, all of whom come together because of common interests and hobbies. We like traditional card and table games, and we like to play games with our friends. We have great enthusiasm and pursuit for this form of competition that exerts unlimited imagination in a limited space.

Because of this common hobby , we have established such a team.

Our goal is to present players with the most primitive fun of card games-pure strategy experience, and unlimited competitive space, and use mobile devices as the starting point for development, to bring players the best mobile gaming experience and enjoy the game at any time.

Development experienced team

Most of our team members come from well-known game manufacturers such as Tencent and NetEase, and they have rich experience in game production. At the beginning of its founding in 2014, it has won the favor of many investment institutions, and has launched a number of game works in recent years, including casual TCG games like “This is a Journey to the West”.

After a lot of support, the team has accumulated rich experience in game development and cooperation. But our love and pursuit of traditional card games is still brewing…

Cooperation with Hex Entertainment

It is with this enthusiasm that we have met many like-minded partners, including the cooperation with Hex Entertainment, the top card game design company in the United States (the developer of the famous card game Hex: Shards of Fate).

With the help of Hex’s years of card game design background and our accumulated digital game experience, the two parties decided to work together to create a pure core TCG game.

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